Orkney Islands, Scotland

June 27, 2011: Orthostatic!

Hello Friends,

I hope the summer finds you well. Having gotten that out of the way, why don't I tell you a little about myself. I am presently living on the island of Rousay (pr: rowsy) in the Orkney Islands off the Northern coast of Scotland, U.K. I am excavating an Iron Age settlement site via the penetration of subangles and the employment of laser-guided prisms. The work is not easy, and demands much of the physical body. The topography of the island is very inviting, if not more so -- there are wonderful directions into which I can stare for minutes on end. Due to the extreme latitude of the island, darkness is completely foreign during the Orcadian summer, with twilight saturation only falling between 1am and 3am.

Moreover, the excavation is being filmed for a BBC series called "Digging Britain," and I have been interviewed in connection with my unique perspectives on the work being conducted. Hopefully this footage will be suitable for airing, so I can finally make my long-anticipated international debut.

Well, enough of my hubris. Please enjoy a slideshow that I have prepared and attached to this email which visually documents the aforementioned.


July 7, 2011: architects and visual constructors

Dear Friends >>>

I hope the echospace has been kind to you and that your days have been saturated in reverb. I have circum-stratified the island with the Serbians and found parallel colors to compliment my electricity -- beyond the horizon, below the surface. Munsell's coloroids have been forgiving to my complexion.

In addition, the work in which I have been engaged has involved the use of electronic theodolites to three-dimensionally model static composites, as well as the conversion of shapefiles into data streams with the aid of portable software applications. As fantastic as it all sounds, the project has been crucial to rendering our understanding of resilience among marginal ecological populations through temporal flux, something I think we can all appreciate.

To better comprehend the dynamism of the project, I have appended the attached charts and graphs detailing the specifics of the excavation.

Yours Forever,

July 20, 2011: Hospitalized Perpetuation of Accident

Fellow Savages,

As my time in the North Atlantic draws to a close, I am reminded of a quote by Tennyson which I would like to share with all of you, "All experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades for ever and for ever when I move."

Pending disintegration procedures with my escort Msgr. Boley in Paris, I will return to the colonies on July 26th, and eagerly anticipate marinating in the youthful heat that my attendants have informed me is saturating the West.

Finally, I leave you with the attached collection of neuro-visuals from my final days in the Orkney Islands.

See you soon,
S c o t t