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July 4, 2015: "Oh Help! What an Eye..."

Hello Critters,

As per custom, the first indigenous flavor I consumed upon beginning my field labor this summer was hotdog shamed in dissonant virtue. Peculiarly though, this was at a BBQ for a small white child on his rearing day festive, as opposed to after a vice rave on the wharf. My accommodation is much more expansive than my body deserves. I have three beds to choose from for my night horizontals (one for every mood I allow myself per day). I have a proud herd of sheep (nearly thirty pelts). I fear that, despite their hubris, they will all eventually die.

The nights have been overtaken by speculative cardinality penetrations, yet our mudwalks have thus far proved fruitless. Discussions of mythopraxis liven our spirits. We have lately been able to think of ourselves with esteem. The ice cream here is very firm, forcing ingestion.

Below Iíve laminated a few prisms which should shed some light on my affairs.


July 10, 2015: Paleodespotic Paranoia


What camaraderie among the curious! Every layer exposes a malignant interpretation. Youíll be satisfied to know that the Neolithic inhabitants of the Northern Isles had running water replete with temperature modulating capacities. The use of gravity among the counter-moderns is an inspiration. The passive delirium of using rotational attraction as an architectural substrate Ė durable as stone, mobile as nylon Ė is far superior to the mass-escapist verticality so popular today among wage earners.

Iím not telling you anything you donít know. I continue laboring towards the most virotechnic calibration of my lexometric configuration, but the intensity of the hypertransfinite continua aperture seems a perpetual rehearsal for microtropic embellishment. My party is old, resplendent in narrative, but lacking in astonishment.

Given this, Iíve decided to take up rendering. A few of my seminal efforts are wheat-pasted below.


July 17, 2015: Rubber Boot Plaster Ice Crisp

As I was saying,

Öthen after the swamp paste dried we hosted the local antiquarians from the farm museum for a night of fermented curry in the barnshed. I ended up judging a photo competition on linear melancholy Ė the highest honor one can attain on the Islands.

A short note on the excavation. The undulations of the horizon are diffracted beneath the topsoil. Terraced bathing canals entextualize the domus. Stone tools and coarse pottery prevail, flint is conspicuous in its absence. Architecture and debitage indicate very early settlement (pre-Jovian +/- 68% BP: Mercurial calibration). Timber and turf erections predominate at higher altitudes, with stone only appearing nearer the foothills.

A brief intoxication by rail, and I shall return shortly. Looking forward to a warm display of scar exchange with all.

Until then, please review the following itinerary for grammar and clarity.

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