Chapter Ten:
Currency of Absurdity
  Our argument revolves around a thought. Action is a sub-function of thought. We'd be paralyzed without the spark of thought to provide the imagination for our muscles. Pile movement is the physical extension of a line of thought that extends from a crop of ideas. The present course that society is cruising down is, similarly, built upon a foundation of thought. With its roots in the Renaissance and Enlightenment and Revolution and Industry and World War, this current foundation of thought is proving more and more incompatible with the nearly seven billion of us that are trapped within it. It is hard to escape a consciousness bred into our morality. This is why new ideas must be accompanied by action if they are to have a noticeable effect. The action itself is a side-effect of the thought. The action is arbitrary.

  We could simply outline an idea with an approximate vocabulary in the pages of a book, this book perhaps, but in order to ignite a change in ideas it is necessary to construct a visually identifiable correlative. This correlative is pile migration. Like the American and French revolutions that derived from the Enlightenment, pile migration can serve as the agitation that propels the shift in ideas that must inevitably engage our planet.

  It may appear, as this book is winding down, that we have proposed no concrete alternatives to the present-day economic system. Yes, we have refrained from including statistics. Yes, we have refrained from including accurate math equations. Yes, we have refrained from including opinion polls. But we have, in great detail, suggested an alternate method of resource

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