Chapter Five:
Duty of Maturity

  To further promote piles and combatively critique capitalism let us question a commonplace notion: adults are more mature than children. But first thing is now, a shift to avoid the comparative quantification inherent within the 'more than' structure. As previously discussed, such value judgments pitting one human against another for no rational purposes exist only as products of the system in which they thrive. Instead we shall question the loaded noise echoing within such a presumption: maturity, or rather maturity as we have come to define it, is an admirable trait.

  Instead, incorporate counter-perspective considerations: maturity as a polished antonym for conformity. The explanation for which exists in the process of how children grow up in our society. All physical growth aside, the aging of youth is a drastic, even disastrous, transformation the equivalent of configuring piles into stacks. Let me reiterate the thesis: children = piles and adults = stacks. Re-purposing piles into stacks, growing up, is a process of conformity. A complete dictatorship of capitalism intervening. As a rigged election establishes false popularity; true choice is covered up by the graffiti of authority. Strains of conformity weave modern men together like roads do populations. Let this be our satellite view, an unbiased perspective to expose design for how it is, not how it seems.

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