The pattern to the right is a poem. It may be tempting to say that the poem obeys a strict, complex, and arbitrary pattern, but this would be to invert the causality, suggesting the pattern creates the poem. The opposite is true. The pattern emerges from the poem -- poetry creates the pattern. However, poetry is a non-predictive pattern -- no future states can be derived from projecting the behavior of this pattern. Poetry illustrates the capacities of numeracy that are suppressed by predictive knowledge production. What is the difference between numeracy and pattern? Responsibility (patterns are responsible for persisting and replicating, numbers are not). What is the difference between responsibility and vulnerability? Poetry (poetry is the defiant assertion of liberated vulnerability carved out of responsibility). Numeracy and poetry are related through this mutually empathic irresponsibility. They are not beholden to any past or future arrangements -- their meaning floats freely untethered to any prescribed contours. Poetry is emancipated vulnerability.

         straddle                   magma                   fusion                   symmetry          glare
swallow gore placid melt syndrome
valiant dose catalogue betrayal residue
simmer morgue flirtation scent minister
vicinity combustion paralysis viper gland
scream pivot oxidation plausibility node
spider valve nocturnal Absorption Fissures
         flame          Ventricles bellow          cattle          apparatus
salvation tender merchant disease ocular
saturday gang matrimony particle vigilante
figurine nebulae patron glue remorse
flake wheel penetration magnetism crust
sinister pedestal Velocity cranial diagnosis
fictional                   Syndrome plagiarism spasm plastic
fiber catalyst microphone drug horizon
victim slime antidote gear pageant
vessel pyramid negligence agony boredom
secular monocle nitrate configuration          obsolescence                           
villain resilience pulmonary graft clue
slip punk misery hydration volcano
vacant molecule dream fold abrasion
vindicated pasture foam abjection dizzy
fabrication stream allegory minute jet
vibratory                   gesture          milk jam apparition
failure pathogen screw grunt blister