Chapter Four:
Pile Diagnostics

  Piles, as do all systems, depend upon movement. Just like the bee must pollenize the flower to perpetuate the life cycle, so too must mankind move the pile to perpetuate the cycle of society. There are several, well-documented ways to move a pile. There also exist a few poorly-documented, more abstract methods for pile movement. In this chapter we wish to give an overview of all the critical approaches, and provide ideas for initiating pile movement on a larger scale.

  To begin, a few words on capitalism's intrusive hand in the act of pile movement. Of all the many-splendored approaches to pile relocation, capitalism has played a role in devising a few of the more noticeable and clever methods. The labor saving machines envisioned by the industrial revolution have delivered us from the plague of sweat that afflicted our forbearers. Large-scale pile migration is made much faster by the two-ton payloads carried in the scariest of industrial super-trucks. If your goal in pile movement is speed, this is great news for you. The disheartening side of this equation is that today there exists groups of people known as companies that will accept money to move an unwanted pile. This is not pile migration. This is pile corruption.

  First of all, there are no unwanted piles, only unrealized pile potential. Second, we can think of no greater scam than to charge money for assistance in pile migration. It's easy to see how one might formulate the mistaken impression that pile movement is a service to be purchased and paid for if necessary.

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