Before continuing further, a few things must first be discussed concerning the actual nature of the stack/pile situation. A disclaimer of sorts yes, but moreover a belief concerning beliefs. Simply, what is wrong with the portrayal of objects as right and wrong (the role of irony is a foundation to the argument). For above all else this section, book, and everything else for that matter should be an escape from either/or judgment systems, our reasoning:

  Basically, we wish to avoid comparisons in a competitive sense. Sure, stacks may resemble order and efficiency, while piles reflect opposing traits, organic and sloppy, but why does one have to be good and the other bad? (Better yet, who are we to say?) This whole stack/pile discussion is not a quest for a universal truth, scientisizing a reason for the superiority of piles. Rather our purpose is an attempt of exploration- thinking about but not deciding upon. Call it tentativeness or fear of commitment or cowardness it does not matter.

  Any label is strictly a product of all or nothing logic. What we are referring to is the essence of pile philosophy: Existing outside the yes/no system. Occupying the gray area. For polarity, extremism, definitiveness, these are the backseat drivers within the modern capitalism vehicle that has transported us to the world of black and white. The only proper way to combat all or nothing is with nothing.

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